Why is everyone talking about Hide?

Why is everyone talking about Hide?

Hide is the newly opened restaurant of Michelin starred chef Ollie Dabbous and Hedonism wine shop owners Yevgeny Chichvarkin and Tatiana Fokina. Located in Berkley square, just behind the Green Park station in London the restaurant is a grand and most ruminated-over opening of 2018.

The glass-walled corner site resides over three floors, each given different name and purpose. “Above” is located on the first floor where the tasting menus are served, “Below” is the basement bar, and “Ground” – the ground floor with all day serving a-la-card menu including breakfast from 7.30am. There are also five private dining rooms and a car lift for those who value privacy and prefer secrecy.

Mr Chichvarkin and Ms Fokina got the keys to 85 Piccadilly in late 2013, and it took a multi-million-pound investment and five years of building works, repairs and decorations to turn previously resided La Brasserie and Fakhreldine restaurants into the magnificent three-storey Hide.

The interior and décor of the site is the result of the fruitful collaboration between the owners, architectural consultancy ‘Lusted Green’ and interior design firm ‘These White Walls’ and ‘Atmos’. The highlight of this outcome is the twisted oak staircase sprawling over three floors and linking all three venues. The full-size windows fill the venues with light and illuminate the earthy palette of wooden floors, bronze mirrors and wall décor. Everything is executed to a tiny detail: even the tables have discreet drawers deliberately providing all possible phone charging cables.

But enough about the interior, the dining is what everyone is coming here for. The tasting menu offers nine unforgettable dishes that will lead you to foodie heaven, especially when accompanied by wine, adventurously paired by a sommelier. Hide has approximately 450 wines on site, but for the most capricious guests, there is an option to order from Hedonism’s inventory list of 6,500 wines for a generous £30 per bottle, which will be delivered to the table in 10 minutes.

Hide is not cheap, but its guests don’t look at price tags from the menu. It is a rare gem when the Michelin starred chef teamed up with the wine connoisseur who happened to have bottomless pockets. The owners have big plans for the site, they plan to win Michelin stars for every venue: ‘Above’, ‘Ground’ and ‘Below’. When it’s a marriage made in heaven (fantastic food, excellent service and the most impressive wine list) everything is possible.

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