The Craziest Festival of the Year

The Craziest Festival of the Year

Burning Man – 26th August – 3rd September, Black Rock City.

The craziest and most anticipated festival of the year is forming a temporary city in Nevada Dessert in ‘I, Robot’ theme. The festival celebrates creativity, art and self-expression. Its mission is to create a community and connect it to the greater world of nature by exploring the values of the community and recognizing inner-self. Every participant needs to learn ten principals of Burning Man, which are:

Radical Inclusion – everyone is invited;

Gifting – everyone is devoted to gift giving;

Decommodification – city without commerciality and consumption;

Radical Self-Reliance – everyone should rely on their inner resources;

Radical Self-Expression – everyone is welcome to express themselves;

Communal Effort – the community is driven by cooperation and collaboration;

Civic Responsibility – community values civil society and local, state, and federal laws;

Leaving No Trace – community respects the environment and is committed to clean after themselves;

Participation – everyone is invited to play and participate;

Immediacy – overcoming barriers to recognizing inner selves, which is the most important rule of the Burning Man.

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