Yachting Festival Cannes

Yachting Festival Cannes

TGR together with BSI Lifestyle have successfully participated in International Yachting festival organized in Cannes, France during 11-16 September. This event takes place every September since 1977 and proclaimed as Europe’s leading in-water boating event.  This year marked 41st edition and gathered 600 boats and yachts on display in water and on land, among them more than 100 were presented as world premiere. 

Yachting exhibition is an excellent opportunity to form new and develop already existing relations with clients. Within the framework of the exhibition we presented one of our services – Lifestyle Prepaid Card, which is an efficient, reliable and secure product that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Our solution of a prepaid card is well-suited for captains and yacht crew to cover all the expenses that occur during the trip using a secure method of payments. 

So, this marks yachting festival as productive and efficient week for TGR being full of new opportunities. If you missed this year’s festival we highly recommend you to come to Cannes next September and experience this unique opportunity to admire classic and sophisticated fleet of yachts and collection boats. 

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